Southern California Sheet Metal Workers Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee
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Lance Clark - Administrator

Ap.pren.tice (a-pren'tis): Ofr. aprentis< aprendre, to teach. 1. A person under legal agreement to work a specified length of time for a master craftsman in a craft or trade in return for instruction and, support. 2. Any learner or beginner; novice. [Apprenticed (-tist), Apprenticing], to place or accept as an apprentice; indenture. Ap.pren.tice.ship (a-pren'tis-ship) 1. The state of being an apprentice. 2. The duties or training period of an apprentice. 3. Any training or period of training.

Apprenticeship is the concept of a skilled craftsman passing his knowledge and tradecraft on to a young person who has made a commitment to learn a trade and make a career plying those hard earned skills.

This is the way apprenticeship in all its various forms has worked for thousands of years, beginning when the first Egyptian metal worker taught his skills to his son. Today much has changed, but the basic apprenticeship concept remains the same: training people to work a trade. However, the need to train qualified skilled workers is even more important today.

Why? Because of our ability to forecast, we know future needs will be greater than what we can currently supply.

The SMWIA Local Union 105 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee has the administrative personnel, teachers, training materials, curriculae and apprentices available to train for the future needs of our industry.

  • Pattern layout
  • Drafting
  • Use of sheet metal hand tools
  • Application of mathematics to the sheet metal trade
  • Safety as related to fabrication and installation
  • Plan and specificationis reading
  • Triangulation
  • Radial line and parallel line development
  • Three concepts used for making sheet metal patterns
  • Solar installation
  • Hoisting and rigging
  • Soldering
  • Energy management and retrofitting of environmental systems
  • Welding
  • Functions of compressors and condensers in the refrigeration cycle
  • Architectural sheet metal
  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • Estimating

Safety Training

SMACNA Southern Califorina working with Cal-SMACNA and other member chapters has developed a comprehensive safety manual for SMACNA members. It is intended to assist member contractors in maintaining compliance with the multitude of mandated safety requirements. Each firm choosing to adopt this manual as its safety program, has its company name inserted on the Policy Statement to comply with Cal-OSHA regulations.

The manual is provided in a binder format so it can be updated with new sections and/or material as regulations change. CAL SMACNA keeps a database of recipients, with updates being sent automatically upon development.

As an employer in California, contractors are required to implement an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (SB198). This manual contains such a program that you may want to consider implementing. The remaining topic specific sections are provided for your use on an as needed basis. Check boxes are provided on these specialty risk control programs for your convenience. You can pull the sections that apply and include them in your company program.

As you go through the manual, pay particular attention to the various topic-specific sections, deleting any and all that do not apply to your particular company operation.

The Safety Committee hopes this manual will help make the implementation and maintenance of your safety program as painless as possible. Please feel free to call Cal-SMACNA at (916) 442-3807 with any questions.

SMACNA Contractors believe that Safety is as important a tool to their success as any other tool in their business.

Not only does maintaining a safe workplace protect the well-being of their employees, but it reflects a degree of professionalism that sets SMACNA Contractors apart from other HVAC contractors who have not qualified to the same standards as has a SMACNA Contractor.

SMACNA, through its chapters in the United States and Canada has developed a strong safety program. Books and electronic formats are available to SMACNA Contractors to develop and maintain safety programs for their own companies.

Southern Califorina SMACNA contractors are particularly active in developing and maintaining safety in the workplace.

For example, SMACNA-SOCAL contractor members:

SMACNA-SOCAL Contractors have a designated Safety Director, who schedules safety meetings, toolbox talks and specialized instruction in safety on the job - and with tools.

Through the association with California SMACNA, regular monthly supplies of sheet-metal and air conditioning-specific safety toolbox talks and payroll envelope inserts are distributed to SMACNA-SOCAL members.

Your SMACNA-SOCAL Contractor not only makes safety a part of company policy, but you will frequently see your SMACNA Contractor personally on your jobsite and in your building to monitor the effectiveness of safety education and training.

SMACNA-SOCAL Contractors are not satisfied to simply say that safety is everybody's business. They say: Safety is our business!

You have the option of which sheet metal and air conditioning contractor you use for your project. Don't wonder if you are selecting one that puts Safety First.